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Unlock the Champion.

About Unlock the Champion

UNLOCK THE CHAMPION is a leading national life-skills and leadership development organization providing training and education for men, boys and communities.

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What does it mean to be a champion?  

It’s  not about being rich, famous, or powerful.  It is not even about winning.  It is about doing things the right way, with the right heart.  It is about being the best that you can.  It is about serving others.  It is about having character – one of integrity, honesty and respect.

Unlock the Champion believes that everyone has influence. We believe that people can be empowered with God’s love to live a life that inspires others.

Unlock the Champion works to create a community where leaders young and old understand their influence, and value healthy relationships. We provide leadership training and resources that equip leaders, coaches, mentors, youth with life skills and engage in meaningful dialog to foster a positive change in our society.


Academic, Athletic, Life-Skills.

Summer Mini Camps

Consulting & Community Engagement

We go to where the leaders are, whether that is the class room, or the boardroom. We are there we give leaders the tools and support they need to grow as leaders. We connect with organizations and individuals to offer services that fit with what they need, ranging from executive coaching & leadership development, an intensive 2-day training, or a 1-hour workshop. Our services will allow for leaders: 

  • Ignite their vision and goals
  • Identify their personal or professional “fires”
  • Create a plan to accomplish their goals 

Leadership Training

Think Like A Champion with Freddie Scott

Think Like A Champion is the official blog of our Founder, Freddie Scott! As a Pastor, Executive Coach, and Consultant, Freddie shares his take on leadership, personal growth, faith, and family. 

Freddie gives simple and easy to follow basic tips that will improve every leaders influence with those they lead. His articles are featured on the NFL Player Associations site (www.yourpaf.com), and on our fatherhood and mentoring programs site, M46 Project.com

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Afterschool Program

M46 Project

The M46 Project is a fatherhood and mentoring program based on Malachi 4:6. The purpose of the program is to create intentional conversations to engage the youth in our communities. We offer FREE discussion cards for fathers and mentors to have monthly conversations about scripture and character.

It’s perfect for pastors, mentors, coaches and dads who want simple tools and join a community of men who are passionate about fulfilling their God-given roles in the homes and community.

Learn more about M46 Project



Sponsor a church

or organization to host

our father & mentoring

program M46 Project

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Leadership & Life Skills

Workshops to empower

people for success

in life

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Think Like A Champion

Video series on tools

to know your worth 

and lead with values.

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A father/family experience

to give a child a memory

that will last a lifetime.

Sponsor a family today.

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