Frequently Asked Questions

How much of my donation goes to outreach initiatives?

Unlock the Champion is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that directs 100% of public donations to its outreach initiatives.

Who do I contact if I would like contact your founder Freddie to make an appearance, speaking engagement or interview?

As Freddie’s Foundation, we do not handle any appearance or speaking engagements. For those requests, please refer to Premier Speakers Bureau, Freddie’s marketing agency, at

Does Unlock the Champion offer counseling?

We do not offer counseling. However, you may wish to call Focus on the Family at 1-800-232-6459 for free counseling services over the phone. Additionally, they will have some suggestions on agencies or counselors in your area.

May I send my book for you to review or promote on your website?

We are currently not accepting any book review copies or posting any books on our websites for promotion.

Are you a religious organization?

No. We are a national, non-profit resource and education organization to help kids.

Do you share your database with other groups? Can you send out information to your email list to help my cause/event?

We do not share our lists with anyone. Unless you are a sponsor of our programs, we do not send out information for 3rd parties.

Can I make a request for one of your NFL Ambassador to make an appearance?

We suggest you contact the teams directly on their websites. All teams have community relations departments that can work to fulfill your request for a player, coach, or alumni. Click here to go to, where you can find links to all the team sites. Player appearance forms are usually found in the community section of the team sites.

How can I help?

You can volunteer.  As a small organization, we are partnered with The Boys and Girls Club for our volunteers.  You can also donate to our general fund, our TRU Champs Academy, or Sponsor a Child to Camp.

How can I send you a comment or suggestion?

We thank you in advance for all comments and suggestions, but due to limited staffing, we don’t reply to them.

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