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The Unlock the Champion Life Skills workshop is perfect for athletes, students, and professionals who want to know who they are, what is really important to them. Our fast paced workshops helps people discover (or assess) what career path best aligns with their core values. Being a leader is difficult. Making decisions on a career path without understanding your strength’s, weaknesses, and values is almost impossible. This workshop gives students, and professional’s simple tools to know they are headed in the right direction for college and career. Each student will leave with their own personalize playbook to help them on their journey.

Here is a brief overview of what we will discuss:

Step 1: Vision

  • Responsibility & Self Discovery
  • Strengths (What are my strengths? Does my vision align with my strengths?)
  • Values (What are my values? Does my vision match my values?)
  • Benefits & Education (What are the benefits of this goal? Is there any additional education/training that I need?)
  • Obstacles & Strategies (What are my obstacles and how do I overcome them?)

Step 2: Preparation

  • Goals & Plans (How do I put a plan in place to accomplish my goal?)
  • Support (What support is available to help me?)
  • Confidence (How confident am I to accomplish my goal?)
  • Commitment (How committed am I to accomplish my goal?)

Step 3: Action

  • Behavioral Steps (What to do)
  • Rewards (What are the rewards for pursuing this goal?)
  • Problem-Solving (How do I handle problems and obstacles?)

Step 4: Results

  • Lasting Changes (21 days to create a habit)
  • Relapse Prevention (How do I handle my mistakes?)

Step 5: Self Image

  • How I see myself
  • Perception Pyramid (How others see me)

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